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My style of cooking

Pâté en croûte with duck foie gras and veal sweetbread (2009 World Champion), Priest’s Omelette with crayfish, Pike quenelle with a Nantua sauce, Lamb sweetbread salad dressed with a parsley jus, Veal’s head cooked in stock with a sauce ravigote, Bresse chicken with morel mushrooms and cream, Game pie, Macaroni au gratin, Tarte Tatin with Saint-Genix pralines: Joseph Viola shares the delights of his ‘terroir’ with generosity and elegance, showcasing the local produce in a variety of refined dishes. He and his suppliers are constantly striving to achieve a standard of excellence that truly celebrates the flavours of the legendary dishes of yesteryear, served in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Can a ‘bouchon’ serve true gourmet cuisine? Every day the chef and his teams prove that the answer to that question is a resounding ‘yes!’, as they prepare their light, precise versions of traditional dishes anchored in our culinary heritage.

What exactly is a Lyon bouchon?

A bouchon is something very specific to Lyon and quite unique: a restaurant serving dishes reminiscent of what was served by the famous Mères Lyonnaises (the first women to open home-cooking restaurants in the city). It’s a timeless place with a traditional décor – a bar, copper pans, checked tablecloths – serving typical, simple, home-cooked dishes prepared from fresh, local produce: quenelles, all manner of pork dishes including charcuterie, chicken liver loaf, ‘cervelle de canuts’ (a soft cheese dip), praline tart, etc. – and all washed down with that essential bottle of local wine! A warm and friendly atmosphere, generous portions, and the pleasure of sharing with friends and family – a bouchon is a home from home!